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Lansdowne Borough and Lansdowne Train Station Historic Preservation


Twentieth Century Club ($400,000)

Lansdowne Newsletter the Real One0614099For decades the Twentieth Century Club, has served as a central social life in Lansdowne.  With the desire to preserve this building and insure the safety of those using the building, a $400,000 grant was secured though Representative Nick Micozzie’s office to replace the furnace and electrical system and make the building compliant with current building codes and preserving the buildings appearance. The clubhouse has returned to use as the home of Celebration Theater, the Lansdowne Folk Club and the many programs of the Lansdowne Recreation Dept. 

In the mid 1990s and 2000s, I worked in Lansdowne to help to revitalize the Borough through numerous projects including historic preservation projects. The projects taken together demonstrate a strategy to reinvigorate the community through taking advantage of existing assets within the Borough. With each of these projects, I was able to work with the dedicated volunteers of the Greater Lansdowne Civic Association Board of Directors and its members. With their support and dedication and extensive knowledge of Matt Schultz I, was able to take a leadership role locally and in Harrisburg in seeking approval and funding for worthwhile projects in Lansdowne.


In 1992 several teenagers accidently lit the historic 1902 Lansdowne Railroad Station on fire.  The fire did minor damage to the building but resulted in the closing of the station.  Local residents created an advocacy campaign that lobbied elected officials, myself included, to support the restoration of the railroad station.  While assessing the damage it was determined the building had numerous structural issues.

In meetings with SEPTA officials locally and in Harrisburg that I represented and made it clear that if SEPTA, the owner of the station, didn’t support the restoration that I would not be able to support them in future votes that would come before the House of Representatives.  SEPTA’s General Manager Lou Gambaccini agreed to work with the community and me to make sure that this landmark would continue to serve the residents of eastern Delaware County.  The station reopened in 1994 with much fanfare—over 1,000 locals and railroad fans gathered at the station for a ribbon cutting and celebration.



Roadway Improvement Project Update – September 2015

Although there has been a great deal of inconveniences with all of the detours, the projects that are being implemented throughout Pennsylvania have been delayed over at least the last 15 years because of the lack of funding at the state level.

In October of 2014, former State Representative Nick Micozzie was appointed the Majority Chairman of the Pa. House of Representative transportation Committee. He joined State Senator John Rafferty of Pittsburg and Secretary of Transportation Barry Schook with the sole purpose of enacting a much needed dedicated funding source to fix the states deteriorating infra structure that included bridges, roads, as well as initiate long overdue needed road projects. Nick’s amended funding legislation was signed and enacted into law by former Governor Tom Corbett.

As the Majority Chairman, Nick made sure that Delaware County Pa. Dot and Septa projects were a priority; thus the projects being implemented throughout Delaware County – Septa Trestle over Darby Creek between Clifton Heights and Lansdowne, the work being done at 252, 352, I 476, etc.

Here is an update on the roadway improvement project for Clifton Heights and surrounding area in Delaware County.

The following is a three Week schedule Starting Week September 7th 2015 & the schedule for next few months work. Of course, there will be delays but here is what Pa. Dot has announced.

Week of September 7th:
Tuesday: Signal cables at Bishop Ave will be pulled and pedestrian PB pipe poles will be installed. The mast pole foundation at Home Depot driveway will begin and pole foundations at Springfield & Woodlawn will continue.

Wednesday: The footer at Home Depot will be poured and signal cable at Oak Lane will be pulled. We also should complete Underground conduits & JB’s at Church Stshould be completed. Work also will continue at Woodlawn.

Thursday September 10th: Road construction at Baltimore Pike & Springfield Rd will begin. Mast Poles will be installed and final connections at Bishop will begin. Work will continue at Woodlawn and the signal cable at Oak will be pulled.

Friday: Continued work at Springfield Rd. Completing final connections at Bishop. If all goes well new pavement markings will be added and an active new traffic pattern for southbound Bishop and also eastbound Baltimore Pikeshould be in place, if not then it will by Monday.

Week of September 14th & 21st:
Road construction will continue at Springfield Rd. New traffic signal conduit & pole foundation installation will start. Curb work will begin as well as work on new signals at Oak, Church St, Broadway & Woodlawn. Underground installation at Delmar/Home Depot will begin.

Once curb work on north side Baltimore & Springfield Rd is completed the work on ADA ramps at Broadway, Madison and at Woodlawn should begin.

Hopefully the completion of the north side of Baltimore Ave & Springfield will be by the end of September and then traffic pattern changes to move to south side, with the goal of having completed all work by end of October.

If all goes well traffic signal installation will continue going east from Springfield Rd.

As of now not all controllers are scheduled for installation, only at Bishop and also Delmar/Home Depot. The controllers for Oak, Church, Springfield, Broadway, Madison and also Woodlawn have been released, but with no scheduled delivery date. There is not yet a schedule for all poles to complete all the above intersections but should get most completed, with second release should be arriving in November.

The much needed traffic lights at Madison Avenue and South Springfield Road, turn signals at Oak Avenue and Baltimore Pike will be installed. There will be widening at the Lansdowne Avenue and Baltimore Pike intersection as well the installation of left hand turn signals.

Lansdowne Issues – Background from archived Newsletter

LansdowneNews300aWe wanted to share an archived Lansdowne Borough Standard News newsletter that describes the variety of projects that Nick Micozzie is most proud of that have been benefiting the Lansdowne Pennsylvania community….

Lansdowne Archived Newsletter

This newsletter includes a summary of the large grants and budget items directly helping Lansdowne, LEDC and Main Street Lansdowne, Lansdowne Theater, Twentieth Century Club, Gateway Project and Partners for Sacred Places. Download and read archived Lansdowne Standard News