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Clifton Heights Intersection Improvement – Update April 2016


As reported, part of the Penn Dot’s $4,128,459.90 of Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) known as the Baltimore Pike Optimization Project the widening of Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road and the installation of sidewalks is in its final stage and construction as pictured above in front of and side of the Old Price property located on the Southwest Corner of Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road Intersection. The above construction also extends down the west side of South Springfield Road.


PennDOT Completes Widening and Improvement Project on Route 252 in Delaware County

After years of complaints about the conditions that existed at the intersection of 252 and Providence Road, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) today announced that it has completed physical work on the $5 million project to improve traffic flow on Route 252 (Providence Road) between Palmers Mill Road and Kirk Lane in Upper Providence Township, Delaware County. The $5,087,279 project was funded with 100% State funds; the direct result of the passage of legislation included in ACT 89 passed by the Pa. General Assembly and signed into law in late 2014.

“The improvements and upgrades to Route 252 (Providence Road) will make travel safer and help ease congestion on a section of highway that carries more than 25,000 vehicles a day,” PennDOT District Executive Kenneth M. McClain said.

Crews worked 18 months to improve Route 252 (Providence Road) by widening the roadway to five lanes at the interchange with U.S. 1; upgrading ramps at the U.S. 1 interchange; widening the intersections at Palmers Mill Road, Rose Tree Road and Kirk Lane; installing new traffic signals and sidewalks; and rehabilitating the Route 252 (Providence Road) bridge over U.S. 1.

Providence Road Scheduled to Close Weekdays in Upper Darby – Yeadon Storm Sewer Replacement

Providence Road Scheduled to Close Weekdays in Upper Darby – Yeadon Storm Sewer Replacement

The Department of Transportation announced that Providence Road is schedule to close between Lansdowne Avenue and Springfield Road in on Monday, October 12, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, for storm sewer replacement, The Department also announced that the weekday road closure will be in effect through the end of October.

During this operation, Providence Road through traffic will be detoured over Lansdowne Avenue, Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road. Local access will be maintained up to the construction zone.

Motorists are advised to allow extra time when traveling through the area. The schedule is contingent on the weather.

Roadway Improvement Project Update – September 2015

Although there has been a great deal of inconveniences with all of the detours, the projects that are being implemented throughout Pennsylvania have been delayed over at least the last 15 years because of the lack of funding at the state level.

In October of 2014, former State Representative Nick Micozzie was appointed the Majority Chairman of the Pa. House of Representative transportation Committee. He joined State Senator John Rafferty of Pittsburg and Secretary of Transportation Barry Schook with the sole purpose of enacting a much needed dedicated funding source to fix the states deteriorating infra structure that included bridges, roads, as well as initiate long overdue needed road projects. Nick’s amended funding legislation was signed and enacted into law by former Governor Tom Corbett.

As the Majority Chairman, Nick made sure that Delaware County Pa. Dot and Septa projects were a priority; thus the projects being implemented throughout Delaware County – Septa Trestle over Darby Creek between Clifton Heights and Lansdowne, the work being done at 252, 352, I 476, etc.

Here is an update on the roadway improvement project for Clifton Heights and surrounding area in Delaware County.

The following is a three Week schedule Starting Week September 7th 2015 & the schedule for next few months work. Of course, there will be delays but here is what Pa. Dot has announced.

Week of September 7th:
Tuesday: Signal cables at Bishop Ave will be pulled and pedestrian PB pipe poles will be installed. The mast pole foundation at Home Depot driveway will begin and pole foundations at Springfield & Woodlawn will continue.

Wednesday: The footer at Home Depot will be poured and signal cable at Oak Lane will be pulled. We also should complete Underground conduits & JB’s at Church Stshould be completed. Work also will continue at Woodlawn.

Thursday September 10th: Road construction at Baltimore Pike & Springfield Rd will begin. Mast Poles will be installed and final connections at Bishop will begin. Work will continue at Woodlawn and the signal cable at Oak will be pulled.

Friday: Continued work at Springfield Rd. Completing final connections at Bishop. If all goes well new pavement markings will be added and an active new traffic pattern for southbound Bishop and also eastbound Baltimore Pikeshould be in place, if not then it will by Monday.

Week of September 14th & 21st:
Road construction will continue at Springfield Rd. New traffic signal conduit & pole foundation installation will start. Curb work will begin as well as work on new signals at Oak, Church St, Broadway & Woodlawn. Underground installation at Delmar/Home Depot will begin.

Once curb work on north side Baltimore & Springfield Rd is completed the work on ADA ramps at Broadway, Madison and at Woodlawn should begin.

Hopefully the completion of the north side of Baltimore Ave & Springfield will be by the end of September and then traffic pattern changes to move to south side, with the goal of having completed all work by end of October.

If all goes well traffic signal installation will continue going east from Springfield Rd.

As of now not all controllers are scheduled for installation, only at Bishop and also Delmar/Home Depot. The controllers for Oak, Church, Springfield, Broadway, Madison and also Woodlawn have been released, but with no scheduled delivery date. There is not yet a schedule for all poles to complete all the above intersections but should get most completed, with second release should be arriving in November.

The much needed traffic lights at Madison Avenue and South Springfield Road, turn signals at Oak Avenue and Baltimore Pike will be installed. There will be widening at the Lansdowne Avenue and Baltimore Pike intersection as well the installation of left hand turn signals.

Outdoor Storage Area and Garage application update

The Friends of Nick Micozzie recently received this update from Nick on an issue that could have affected our region…

“7-6 of 15: Application of Zuriel Nagar, for a Special Exception to permit an outdoor storage area for the storage of taxi vehicles; situate 870 Bunting Lane, Primos, Pennsylvania. C-4 Commercial Industrial District. 2nd. District.

The above Upper Darby zoning application if approved would have created a traffic nightmare for residents of Clifton Heights and Primos Secane on Bunting Lane and from Oak Avenue to Springfield Road and the surrounding areas

The property is zoned C-4 Commercial Industrial District located in the 2nd District of Upper Darby Township that abuts Clifton Heights Borough at Oak Avenue and Madison Avenue, respectively.

On July 6, 2015, an Application was submitted by Zuriel Nagar to the Upper Darby Township Zoning Board to permit an outdoor storage area and garage for the storage and maintenance of 60 plus taxi vehicles and Limousines at 870 Bunting Lane, Primos, Pennsylvania. The vehicles would service areas as far away as Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

The lot is located in the rear of a lot located across the street from Primos Elementary School adjacent to the AMPRO Lot, behind the Primos Swim Club and behind the twin properties that front Ashurst Avenue and the Muckinipates Creek.

On July 30, 2015 at 7 PM, the Upper Darby Zoning Board heard pro and con testimony as to whether to approve or disapprove the application.

Primos Secane neighbors as well as Father Joseph McDermtt of St. Eugene’s’, Mayor Micozzie, State Rep. Santoro, Upper Darby Councilmen Bierling, Bonnett, Rankin and I attended; all testifying against the application. My testimony was essentially about the past history of the property and the adjacent areas.

In the mid 80s, as an Upper Darby Councilman and a State Rep. because of severe flooding and traffic congestion, my office and residents fought a developer at the Upper Darby Zoning Board hearings and in the DelCo Courts on 3 occasions to construct apartments on Ashurst Avenue adjacent to the Primos Swim Club and just in front of the 870 Bunting Lane property. We were successful in defeating the proposed development.

The above application to permit an outdoor storage area and garage for the storage and maintenance of 60 plus taxi vehicles and Limousines was denied.

– Nick Micozzie”

SEPTA Updates Act 89 Projections and Progress for Trains and Trolleys

The Secane station which was recently highlighted on this website, was earmarked for $20 million for station renovations, tunnel and platform. At Secane, plans for the inbound side were to construct a station building with a canopy and expand parking for an estimated 100 spaces. While the Primos station costs were projected at $14 million for station renovations, parking and platform.

Delco Trolley Line Upgrades from ACT 89

This summer, as part of this program, SEPTA will initiate a series of improvements to the Media/Sharon Hill/101-102 trolley lines in Delaware County through a program entitled 101/102 Trolley Modernization. This program will involve capital improvements to buildings and bridges, tracks, communications, signalization and power systems all along Trolley Routes 101 and 102, from 69th Street Transportation Center to Media and Sharon Hill.

Because these capital improvements will require the temporary interruption of service to both the 101 and 102 trolley lines between June 15th and September 6th, SEPTA is providing substitution buses that will collect passengers from temporary bus stops located close to each trolley route. In order to provide residents, businesses, transit riders, elected officials, community and faith-based organizations and all other stakeholders with the most accurate and up-to-date information throughout the summer, SEPTA will be:

  • Holding community meetings
  • Distributing informational flyers and project fact sheets across affected communities
  • Reaching out directly to individual residents, business owners, institutions and others potentially affected
  • Posting notices along detour routes in and around the 69th Street Transportation Center
  • Hosting and monitoring an information hotline (1-800 834-5564), project website (, and email address (

WORK DATES: Between Mid-June and Early-September 2015

WORK HOURS: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Daily-Monday through Friday

LOCATION: Turner Avenue to Shadeland Avenue, and between Hillcrest Road and Garrett Road


Work to begin in mid-June and continue through the Summer

  • Replacing the Overhead Catenary System
    The wire that supplies power to the trolley will be replaced from Drexel Hill Junction to Scenic Road, and from Drexel Hill Junction to 69th Street Transportation Center.
  • Track Surfacing
    The material under the tracks (ballast) will be leveled and regulated from Drexel Hill Junction to Scenic Road, and from Drexel Hill Junction to 69th Street Transportation Center.

Work to begin in July

  • Installing Catenary Foundations
    Drilling, pouring concrete, and setting steel poles for the overhead contact system near Drexel Hill Junction.
  • Preparation Work for the New Signal System
    Cabling and digging trenches in the vicinity of Drexel Hill Junction.
  • Renewing Two Grade Crossings at Turner Road
  • Additional Work Items
    As time permits, SEPTA may perform additional track work near Drexel Hill Junction Station and the grade crossing at Shadeland Avenue. SEPTA will continue to provide updates about the schedule and work to be completed.

We will be contacting you again in the near future with more detailed information about upcoming projects, bus substitution service and public outreach within your own municipality, but we wanted to let you know in advance about the broader context of the individual projects and bus detours you might observe this summer.

Secane Station upgraded due in large part to Nick Micozzie

Posted by Friends of Nick Micozzie

A fitting tribute to Nick Micozzie

Written by Phil Heron, the Editor of the Delaware County Times in his blog and partial in the Times Edition

May 22, 2015,

If you’re one of those harried folks who scramble every morning to arrive early and snag a precious parking spot at the Secane Station to start your commute into the city on the Media/Elwyn line, you owe a debt of gratitude. 

Nick is pictured with daughter Kelly Aguire Micozzie and son Tom Micozzie
Nick is pictured with daughter Kelly Aguire Micozzie and son Tom Micozzie
There are 60 brand new parking spots at the transit stop this week.

They are there for one reason: Act 89. That is the massive transportation package that was passed by the Legislature. It is providing critical funding for infrastructure and transit work across the Commonwealth.

Act 89 happened in large part because of one man.

That would be former state Rep. Nick Micozzie. The longtime Upper Darby Republican, who retired last fall after representing Upper Darby in Harrisburg for more than three decades, deftly shepherded this crucial piece of legislation through the mine field known as Harrisburg.

Make no mistake, Act 89 was not a particularly popular piece of legislation, especially among Republicans. The GOP folks from the middle of the state very often turn a deaf ear to packages they believe are tilted to giving aid to the southeaster portion of the state. Add in what many believe were thinly disguised tax hikes, and they consider it something akin to anathema.

It was left to Micozzie to pick up the ball and run with it for Governor. Tom Corbett.

Few people know the intricacies of how Harrisburg works – and how legislation gets passed – better than Micozzie. He not only managed to get the crucial funding through his Transportation Committee, he got it passed and onto to Corbett’s desk.

The result is a lot of critically important projects such as the one unveiled at Secane Station this week.

Nick is pictured above with Tom Micozzie, Senator Tom McGarrigle and State Rep. Bill Adolph
Nick is pictured above with Tom Micozzie, Senator Tom McGarrigle and State Rep. Bill Adolph
That’s why it was particularly poignant to see a phalanx of local and SEPTA officials gather at the station this week to cut the ribbon and show off their new toy.

And to honor the man who made it possible.

There will be a road sign at the station marking it ‘Nick Micozzie Way.’

It was a nice gesture for a nice man.

A guy who was not afraid to reach across the aisle to get something done, whether it be more funding for local schools, or important infrastructure projects.

The moment also comes with a tinge of sadness.

Delaware County has no idea how much they will miss Nick Micozzie looking after their interests in Harrisburg.

That’s a lot of clout that just left town.

But Act 89 – and the projects it will fund – will remind us just how important Nick Micozzie was.

Baltimore Pike and Springfield Rd Construction Update

Update: Delay – Installation of Drainage System – Widening of intersection at Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road…

Our office has received calls about what is causing the delay in the the installation of the drainage system and the widening at the intersection of the Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road, respectfully.

Please be informed the delay is being caused by the need for Verizon to relocate their underground cables, which are currently located where the newly planned drainage system is to be installed along Springfield Road.

We appreciate your patience on this temporary inconvenience so that we can have an improved traffic flow at this intersection in the future.

If anyone has any questions or comments please let us know by responding to this article and we will do our best to respond to your concerns in a timely manner.

Baltimore Pike Roadway Optimization Project

During my tenure as your State Representative and as the Majority Chairman of the Pa. House of Representative’s Transportation Committee my office worked closely with Penn Dot both locally and in Harrisburg to fund the Baltimore Pike and South Springfield Road Optimization Project.

Since the Pa. General Assembly enacted into law a dedicated funding source, PennDOT has begun needed projects throughout the state that include bridge replacements, widening of State Highways, updating and replacing traffic signals with updated state-of-the-art equipment. SEPTA in our area has replaced and constructed a new train station at Oak Avenue in Primos and are presently in the process of constructing a new modern train station at North Avenue and Providence Road in Secane.

Through my office at that time I was able to convince PennDOT to dedicate $4,128,459.90 of PennDOT’s Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) called the Baltimore Pike Optimization Project. The project consists of the widening of the Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road intersection, new mandated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps with sidewalk construction, upgrades with interconnections of 20 signalized intersections along Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road, extending 3.2-miles from Bishop Avenue to Church Lane in Lansdowne Borough as well as on South Springfield Road to the Aldan Borough boundary line. It also includes the widening of the Baltimore Pike Intersection. I am presently working with State Senator McGarrigle and State Representative Santora to expedite the project.

Widening the Baltimore/Springfield and possibly Baltimore/Bishop intersections has been scheduled in the near future. The design of the ADA ramps for the following intersections have been approved by PennDOT; new construction will include intersections at Baltimore & Bishop, Baltimore & Church Street, Baltimore & Springfield, Baltimore & Diamond, Springfield & Broadway, Springfield & Madison, Springfield Road and West Maryland, Pennsylvania Avenue, Woodlawn Avenue and Clifton Avenue.

Improvements will specifically involve full modernization of intersection signalization equipment. Existing equipment will be removed and replaced by new equipment including signal supports, traffic controllers, signal heads and all electrical equipment. Intersections in the project are Baltimore and the following cross streets: Bishop, Delmar/Home Depot, Oak, Church Street, Springfield, Diamond, SEPTA Route 102, Marple, Jackson/K-Mart, Scottdale/Burmont, Martin/Mansfield, Lansdowne, Wycombe, Union, Giant, Penn/Fourth, and Church Lane. Also, on South Springfield Road the following cross streets: West Broadway, West Madison andWoodlawn.

The Lansdowne intersection will undergo limited widening with new left and right turn signals at each intersection. New traffic lights will l finally be installed at South Springfield Road and Madison Avenue as well as at the intersection of South Springfield Road and the trolley tracts. Also left turn signals will be installed at Baltimore Pike and Oak Avenue.

The improvement at Bishop and Baltimore includes widening and adding an additional left-turn lane to the existing single left-turn lane from eastbound Baltimore Pike (in Springfield Township) approaching the Bishop Avenue intersection. In doing so there then will be double left-turn lanes from eastbound Baltimore Pk. making turns into double lanes on northbound Bishop Avenue (to Springfield Road).

Also the existing 3 lanes (a left-turn, straight and right-turn) from southbound Bishop Avenue approaching the intersection will be shifted towards the proposed widening on the southbound to accommodate the additional lane on the northbound. They are looking to start physical work in May. The current completion date is for mid 2016.