Open Spaces Update – Glenwood Road Property

The Glenwood Road Property
Glenwood Road and Fairview Avenue

An Update – in the recent past, a developer was in the process of submitting an application for approval to Clifton Heights Borough Council and the Borough’s Zoning Board to construct a multi-unit on the vacant lot that fronts Glenwood Road at the intersection of Fairview Avenue. The residents along Glenwood Avenue and Fairview Road contacted my then State Rep. office voicing their concerns.

I personally contacted Ralph Pansini who I knew to discuss the new development proposal and to voice the concerns of the residents of the area. I convinced him to end the controversy and donate the open space property to Clifton Heights Borough. After some thought and back and forth dialogue, he and his wife decided to take my advice. They proposed and executed a transfer of property agreement to Clifton Heights Borough.

The Borough – Pansini Agreement included a provision that specified that the property remain as open space and that a plaque be placed on the property with an inscription stating that the land was donated to the Borough of Clifton Heights by the Pansini Family.

In a response to my inquiry about the execution of the provisions included in the Pansini Agreement, Mayor Joe Kelly sent me an e-mail informing me that the property adjacent to the Pansini property owned by the Borough will be used to construct the building(s) to transfer and house a Highway Garage, a Salt Shed and Supplies. The Pansini Property, per EPA regulations and mandates, will be used as a water retention basin and remain as open space.

Note: After meeting with residents along Glenwood Avenue and more discussions with Mayor Kelly, jointly we uncovered that the Manager, Anthony Tartaglia’s plans does include construction of a garage on the Pasini property towards the former basketball site.The rest of the property is to be used to meet EPA’s mandated water retention provisions.

As you may or may not be aware, with part of the $2.3 Million Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program (RCAP) grant that my State Representative Office provided in 2008, the Borough will be renovating the Borough Hall and constructing the Glenwood Road facility mentioned above. The $2.3 million grant funds are being used and will be used in the near future on properties owned by Clifton Heights Borough and the Clifton Heights Community and Economic Development Corp., respectively. I will provide more information as the proposals develop.

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