Update on The Purchase of the 37 Acre Open Space Property at South Springfield Road in Darby Borough

Since 2009 with two town meetings with area resident, my former State Representative Office, my office staff and I have worked diligently to:

  1. Defeat a developer’s proposal to develop the above 37 acre open space property.
  2. Convince Governor Corbett in 2010 not to approve funding for the project.
  3. Execute an Agreement of Sale for $1,700,000 with Sisters of Devine Providence.
  4. Garner $1,700,000 agreed to selling price needed to purchase the property. 
  5. Convince the Natural Land Trust to pay for an $8000 appraisal of the property.
  6. Garner 2 State Grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DNCR) for $1,198,000 – the Commonwealth Foundation Administration (CFA) for $250,000.
  7. Working with Mayor Tom Micozzie, Delco Councilman Civera and McBlain to convince Delco Council to provide funding from Delco’s Shale Allocation Fund for $252,000 totaling $1,700,000 and to allocate funding to meet the agreed to Due Diligence provisions.
  8. The above grants and the Agreement of Sale allowed Delco County Council to submit and have approved a grant by the DNCR for an additional $52,000 for a development plan.
  9. Convince DelCo Planning Department and Upper Darby Township Mayor Micozzie and Council to approve the proposed subdivision of the property.

Darby Borough Council approved and the Mayor signed  the Little Flower property subdivision, Settlement was scheduled and completed. Through the hard work and efforts of then State Representative Nick Micozzie 37 acres of Open Space land was preserved and the controversy planned Shopping Center was defeated.

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